ATTENTION VETERANS AND SOON-TO BE HIGH SCHOOL GRADS WHO NEED FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FOR A FUTURE AS AN AUTOMOTIVE TECH! If you want a career as an automotive technician, but you don’t have the money, and you don’t want to go the traditional route of a 4-year college, grab a drink and your earbuds because this is an interview you need to hear. It’s called TechForce Foundation, and it’s a non-profit that provides scholarships and other resources to those who want hands-on training, but DON’T want to be weighed down with student loan debt after graduation. CEO/Executive Director, Jennifer Maher gives me the nuts-and-bolts of how YOU can apply for this little-known financial opportunity. Plus, she debunks the myths associated with a tech-school education. She spells out the advantages for VETERANS and she gives a PERSONAL account of how she had to battle the traditional school system for her own child. And last, but certainly not least, find out how TechForce has teamed up with the CONCOURS d’ ELEGANCE event (coming to Vegas October) to bring financial support to a Las Vegas technical high school. Tune-in NOW!! For more information on TechForce Foundation, log on to their website at You can also give them a call at (866) 519-6923. And don’t forget to follow them on social media: Instagram: techforcefoundation, Twitter: @TechForceFound, Facebook: TechForce Foundation