The Face of HARMony™ is a symbol of diversity, created to represent humanity, regardless of race, religion, gender, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, physical and mental challenges. The symbol consists of the earth that we all inhabit, and the five colors that represent all races. The symbol also has two additional colors representing land and water that are essential to all life. There is a face in the center that represents all people… we all have a face (two eyes, a nose, and a mouth). Every component of the symbol is held together in harmony by two hands that represent Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end of all things.

The firmament, the earth and all things poured into the earth are held together by the creator, which is represented by two hands. The hand on top represents Alpha and the hand on the bottom represents Omega. Together, the hands of creation keep everything in balance. The Hope And Relief Mission takes the ideas and principles of the symbol and puts them into action, thus, Doing Well By Doing Good.


DOING WELL BY DOING GOOD™ is the foundation upon which the HARMony™ segment of The MOJ™ Show is built. We believe that our platform is the ideal vehicle to perpetuate our goals of giving back through humanity, empathy, and credibility. The HARMony segment was developed to motivate others to get involved in changing the world…one good deed at a time.

 MOJ Productions LLC has partnered with award-winning singer/songwriter, Stephen Wesley, to launch THE “GENEROSITEA BRINGS HARMONY TOUR” . Together, our goal is to remind people that being generous to others, especially in this time of unprecedented need, can provide hope and relief to the masses.
We believe that our Hope and Relief Mission, also known as HARMony, along with our title sponsor, generosiTEA, can reboot the sentiment that helping others is contagious. After all, generosiTEA brings HARMony.

It is more than just a beverage! generosiTEA is about giving, plain and simple. We enable men and women, of all ages, to contribute to charities in the easiest fashion possible by simply purchasing and enjoying a great tasting, all-natural iced tea. For every purchase made, 10 cents goes to one of our three (3) chosen charitable organizations. Through his national product line, Stephen contributes to three major charities that positively affect the lives of Americans across the United States: National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc., The Humane Society of The United States, and Operation Homefront.

Learn more: https://www.drinkgenerositea.com


While on tour, Monica will be giving away copies of her first and newly published book, “How I Reversed My Diabetes – From Diagnosis to Deliverance.” Monica’s personal testimony and her journey to better health and understanding of her body will inspire and motivate women of all ages to to become active in taking on the challenges that the female body presents … and conquering them. It’s raw, funny, informative and entertaining.

HARMony will also contribute to three Diabetes organizations to assist in their efforts to treat and educate the communities in which they serve about Diabetes prevention. The organizations will receive a percentage from the sale of each copy of Monica’s book. The organizations include the American Diabetes Association, The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and Diabetes Sisters. The HARMony segment was developed to motivate others to get involved in changing the world … one good deed at a time.