A LAS VEGAS DESIGNER ETCHES OUT HER OWN AMERICAN DREAM…IN SPITE OF THE ODDS!! She’s beautiful, kind, smart and ultra-successful, but make no assumptions about this petite powerhouse, she has ABSOLUTELY earned every bit of her success. And ladies, just like some of you, she was trapped in a bad relationship that forced her to muster up the courage to find a way out – all the while dealing with a language barrier AND a lack of family in her new home country – AMERICA!! Angeles Scorsetti is a designer to the A-listers of Hollywood, and she lives right here in Las Vegas, but her journey to the top spot didn’t come easy. Check out my conversation with the CEO of Scorsetti Design LLC. Find out how this much-sought-after interior designer battled through professional AND personal challenges to make a name for herself in a highly competitive industry. She says that if she can do it, you can do it!! By the way, she’s such a badass that residents at the Mandarin Oriental (now the Waldorf Astoria) sought her out for her professional services. Yes! Her work can be seen at this MAJOR Las Vegas Strip property. Tune-in now, and BE INSPIRED!!!!

For more information about Scorsetti Design, log on to their website at www.scorsettidesigns.com. Email Angeles at Angeles@scorsettidesign.com or give them a call at (702)688-0941 Follow them on social media… 🔶Instagram: scorsetti.design 🔶Facebook: Scorsetti Design 🔶Twitter: @scorsettidesig The MOJSHOW is out in the community, and we are “DOING WELL BY DOING GOOD.”