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Welcome to the style page of Monica o. Jackson…
the Mojstyle!

While it’s no secret that styles change from one season to the next, and sometimes from one week to the next, you will find that the style and taste of Monica O. Jackson always leaves you wondering where she shops. From her lavish and charismatic hair styles, to the shoes that will always catch your attention on the red carpet, Mrs. Jackson has a personality and style that compliments her presence on the television screen.

Check out which styles MOJ embraces… from the catwalks of New York to the finest on the streets of LA, and what designer labels are leading the pack. Handbags, jewelry, make-up, leather silk or satin, the MOJ style is derived from more than 30 years of experience in front of the camera.

Monica has interviewed celebrities in studio, live on location, on the red carpet and from every genre of entertainment. This experience has allowed her to develop a style of her own that is loved by thousands of television viewers.

Check Out Which Styles MOJ Embraces

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