Welcome to the MOJ Show. We’re excited to bring you my Bikini Body and St. Patrick’s Day Holiday Show. During the show, a local fitness expert shows you simple exercises that you can do at home to help you lose those extra holiday pounds, and get ready for that summer bikini. Next, you’ll here from a local physician who administers a medical procedure during the show called a Meyers Cocktail. Find out how this treatment can help optimize your health. Our Smooth Jazz Corner brings music to your ears with a live performance from Toto Zara – a local musician with an international flare. The MOJ Culinary Corner features Executive Chef Rudy, owner and operator of IL’ Chianti Italian Restaurant. The best Italian cuisine in town. Finally, our HARMony (Hope And Relief Mission) segment takes you out into the community to provide hope and relief to a single mother who has served our country, but is a little down on her luck. Please enjoy the show!