If you’ve ever wondered how a movie gets made in Las Vegas…wonder no more. It all starts with the Nevada Film Office. Check out my conversation with the Director of the NVO, Eric Preiss. He talks about the calls from Hollywood, the actors that he’s met along the way, the work and coordination that happens between local agencies before shooting begins, and the number of movie SCENES that have been shot in Vegas that most of us don’t even realize. And YES!! I DID ask about that badass JASON BOURNE movie. But, the most impressive thing about Eric is how he praised his staff. He understands the fact that he can’t do it alone, so he appreciates and credits his people. What a pleasure it was chatting with this very charismatic and very funny professional. Sit back, relax and enjoy this inside scoop, and more, as Eric fills us in on how Vegas is turning into the NEW Hollywood. TUNE-IN NOW!!