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The MOJ section has been put together not as a guide, but an inside look into some of the health issue of MOJ, and how she deals with them

Hopefully, this section will motivate you to take control of your health before you get to the point where she was…let’s just say…it wasn’t good.

So, the first step was to identify what was going on with her body. She’d been experiencing a lot of stomach issues that caused severe cramping, painful bloating, difficulty digesting her food, and an increase in her pre-disposition to Diabetes (I’ve been Pre-Diabetic since 2009). She was even having a hard time with water…it made her bloat like crazy. She was a mess.

The first step was to find a Wellness doctor who could go a lot deeper in their investigation of what was actually going on…no offense to mainstream doctors…but MOJ has learned that Wellness doctors will dig a little deeper to find out what’s going on because …in her opinion…they are more scientifically inclined than a mainstream doctor. In other words, they’re willing to test you on a cellular level to figure out what’s going on…at least that’s been her experience.

Anyway, MOJ found a great Wellness specialist in my area at the end of 2015, and let’s just say the HE HAS CHANGED HER LIFE!!! She feels like her body has been healed, as a result of his special attention to detail.

The first step was to complete his 10-to-15 page assessment of what MOJ was going through. He wanted to have that paperwork in hand so that upon her scheduled consultation, he would be ready to go to work.

MOJ completed the assessment, and upon her first visit, they had a 2-hour consult. She just talked (at certain points, she was in tears), and he just listened. He was nodding his head at certain points because…as I later learned…he had heard her story many, many times before. Anyway, as she continued, he took a lot of notes and was even smiling along the way. Of course, she was curious as to why he was smiling, but she quickly found out that his smile was a sign that he could fix her…and he did.

Once he was done listening to her sob story, her doctor said, “Monica…this is not a problem…I can fix you. Your problems are more common than you know, and there IS a sure fire way to heal you from the inside, out. She was more than relieved.

Unbeknownst to MOJ…he had already mapped out a plan to heal her sick body, and he was happy to explain that plan to her before wrapping up our session. Boy, was he relieved.

We could make this story a whole lot longer, but out of respect of your time, we’ll wrap it up. MOJ doctor did an extensive hormone panel, and extensive blood panel and an extensive stool panel (I know it’s gross, but you need to know this stuff if you’re having the same issues), and the results rendered some life-saving strategies that now have her on the right track for good health.

MOJ now has a vitamin regimen, a hormone regimen and a food regimen that has changed her life in ways that she could have NEVER imagined. Her body has healed itself…and she is forever grateful to her God, her doctor, and her husband because without the kind of support that they gave her, she’d still be suffering, horribly.

So, the message from MOJ to you is this…if you know that something is wrong with your mind, body or spirit, don’t stop until you get some answers. Don’t listen to people who tell you that it’s all in your head when you know better…even if it’s your doctor. Know this…doctors don’t know YOU the way you know YOU. Take charge of your life.

Be Well!!

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